What is the most important thing (positive or negative) ever said to you? Who said it (relationship- parent, sibling, lover, spouse, friend, clergy)? What were the circumstances? Describe briefly. If you choose to sign your reply, may I quote you?

What Are Your Communication Experiences?

What examples of successful or failed communication would you like to share? I am always looking for good real personal experiences of communication successes or failures. If I ever use one of yours either in my writing or speaking, I will give you credit unless you ask me not to reveal your identity. The examples must be true. You may change the names to protect the innocent or guilty. I am also looking for customer service successes or failures.

Each calendar month I will choose the best submission and the person submitting it will receive a framed copy of my “Twelve Keys to Improved Communication” or “My Covenant for Improved Communication.” Please include your name and mailing address for each submission. Just click here and fire away.