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We Intend to Change the World through the Power of Christ-like Speech

Cross and Crown Lutheran Church in Florence, South Carolina and Providence Baptist Church on Daniel Island will celebrate Say Something Nice Sunday on June 11, Rev. Mary Finklea is pastor of Cross and Crown and Dr. Don Flowers is pastor of Providence. Rev. Finklea. and her congregation are long term supporters of the celebration.

This will be the first year for Providence and we are grateful for its support. Providence offers a progressive theological voice to the community. Corlys Devenny provided guidance and leadership.

On June 4, Rev. Bob Boston provided the Children’s Sermon at Circular Congregational Church in Charleston. He based his message on Say Something Nice and gave each of the children a button with the instructions, “When you go back to your seat ask your parent or teacher to pin the button on for you and then you say something nice.” His message was well received.

The Charleston/Atlantic Presbytery was one of the earliest supporters of our movement. This year Harborview Presbyterian Church on James Island under the leadership of Pastor Randy Boone joined the celebration. The church also sponsored an essay contest for students on the topic of the importance of saying nice things. Rev. Boone is a member of our steering committee.

We rejoice over each new congregation that joins our movement. We have a simple objective. We intend to change the world through the power of Christ-like speech. We urge you to join us. Talk with your pastor. Write, call, email or message all of your friends and ask for their help. There is nothing to buy or join. Help is available if you need it. A church is free to choose any Sunday for the celebration.

First Baptist Church of Charleston is the flagship and has provided tremendous encouragement. The staff and congregation are unwavering in their support. The time is right and the cause in urgent. Please help.

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Random Acts of Kindness – 13

Someone needs your prayers. Pray for her or him. You will be glad that you did.

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Change the World; Change Your Words

            My ambition for the New Year is to change the world and with your help we can do it. Think about that. We can change the world. June I, 2011 is Say Something Nice Day. All we need to do is to get everyone we know and everyone we are connected to on the Internet to say something nice on that one day. Say something nice to everyone you meet on that one day. Enlist at least three other people/

            When I first mentioned the idea to change the world, my 15 year old grandson, Colin, who is more computer savvy than I will ever be said without hesitation, “I will help you granddaddy.” Can you imagine the impact if other teenagers would join in? Thank you, Colin for the encouragement. Let’s get all the young people to text something nice

            It can be done. All that is required is for us to watch our language. Don’t say anything ugly for one day. If you belong to a church, persuade the congregation to join in Say Something Nice Sunday on June 5. Imagine we have two opportunities in the same week to change the rhetoric. This is not a sales gimmick. No one is trying to sell you anything. It is not a political movement. It is a change the poisonous atmosphere movement. We can have constructive civil dialogue.

            Believe it or not. Some people spend an entire year at work without ever hearing a kind word.  Some people seldom if ever receive a compliment. Don’t let that happen. You supply the missing compliment, but be sincere. You may feel awkward at first. Try it anyway. It will get easier. Forget the put-down for just one day. Lift someone’s spirits.

            It is an ambitious project. Think about how good you will feel when we have an entire day of positive speech. Join the movement. Send me an E-mail at

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