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Fifty-Two Keys for Living, Loving and Working


Find a quiet spot where you can be alone. Clear you mind and mediate for a few minutes. This will take some practice. It will refresh you. Repeat often. All of us need to spend quiet time alone. There is no formula that works for everyone. Each of us must map out what works best for us. It is a personal matter. The only mistake is to think that we do not need it. We can get along without it, but our lives are richer when we make room for it in our lives. You don’t need to buy anything or subscribe to a particular philosophy or religion. Simply be still and know. It will take time and patience to clear your mind and to stop your brain from rushing. My speech professor at Furman University, Sara Lowrey, often quoted, “What a dull world this would be – bleak and bare, if there were no time just to sit and stare.” Dr. Ollie Backus , my professor at the University of Alabama, got up an hour early each day just to have quiet time. Some churches incorporate a period of silence into their services. Noise is an enemy to the soul.

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Random Acts of Kindness – 82

There is someone who can profit from your spiritual insights. Share your spiritual thoughts with her or him. You will be glad that you did.

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