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 Three easy steps to face down fear and worry – Rev. Susan Sparks”

 1-Name what’s NOT worrying you;
2-Name what IS worrying you;
3-Hand it over and look beyond.
Here’s steps 1 and 2 in a nutshell:
First, start from a place of power and name what you are not worried about (step 1). When we focus on what is working, then we empower ourselves to face all the things we are worried about (step 2). Now we are ready for step three: hand it over and look beyond.A few years ago I tried mountain biking in Moab, Utah. The terrain was unlike any I had experienced with slick red rocks, gullies and dry riverbeds. One thing my instructor kept repeating: “Look beyond the obstacles!” Unfortunately, I kept looking down at the scary gullies and rocks. And as we all know in biking, if you look down, you go down.

It’s the same in life. At some point we have to find the strength to let go of the fear and look up, beyond the worry to the horizon of opportunities right in front of us. It’s like the old saying, “Worry looks around. Faith looks up.”

In any place of fear, we have two choices: worry or believe. You can’t do both. Either you believe in a greater power and have faith, or you don’t. If you don’t, then you keep the burden on yourself.

This is the ultimate act of ego because (and lets be honest here) we aren’t always strong enough to handle it. While I was in Moab, I also did some hiking. Any of you who have been off on a long day’s expedition know the exhausting nature of carrying a heavy backpack.

Thank goodness they put hip straps on backpacks—so you can rest the heaviest load on the strongest part. We should take a little wisdom from those backpacks and rest our heaviest worries on our strongest part—our sense of faith, hope, and a power greater than us.

So, the next time you get caught up in a cycle of worry remember: 1) name what’s not worrying you (what’s working), 2) name what’s worrying you, then 3) hand it over and look beyond. *
*Rev. Susan Sparks is pastor of Madison Avenue Baptist Church in New York City. She is a native of North Carolina. Suzanne and I visited that Church in January, 2020.

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168 Ways To Communicate Better Now Plus Two -146 – 147 – 148

146. Don’t intimidate.

It doesn’t work long term.

There is no place left to go.

They might be better at it than you are. 

147. Don’t jump to conclusions.

You may miss the boat.

You might miss a real opportunity.

Ask for clarification.

It obscures the possibilities. 

148. Don’t label others.

Labels never fit.

Something is always left out.

Labels obscure reality.

The real person is more interesting. 

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Don’t Miss the Opportunity

            How often have you regretted not telling someone how much you loved or admired him or her? How often have you regretted not thanking someone for a kindness? How often have you regretted not picking up the telephone to congratulate someone or to express sympathy? June first is Say Something Nice Day. Don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to say something heartfelt and meaningful to someone you encounter. Life is made up of thousands of encounters. Some are enduring and some are quick, but all of them are important. No matter how brief the encounter, it leaves an impression. A touch no matter how light is still a touch.

            You have the power to make someone’s day better or worse simply with your words.  Whether the glass is half full or half empty is entirely up to you. All it takes is a smile and a hello. Where else can you get such a return for such a small investment? Sure, someone might growl at you or ignore your greeting. Suppose that happens, so what? Don’t let that person stop you from your mission. If we want the world to be a friendlier place, it starts with us. We can change the world. It is an opportunity open to the wealthiest among us or the poorest. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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