Today on this Thankful Thursday I am especially thankful for Mary Peeples. Mary now lives with her son and daughter-in-law in Baltimore, but she will always be a Charlestonian. Mary is such a special person that when Carol and I were married, Carol asked Mary to sit-in for her mother who was unable to travel. Mary is the perfect hostess. She bakes her brown bread in a coffee tin and serves honest to goodness Boston baked beans. She relishes the summers she spent in Maine. She makes a killer split pea soup. Mary says that six people make up the ideal dinner party. She was the second woman elected as a deacon at First Baptist Church of Charleston where she is greatly loved and still missed terribly. We love you Mary.

            Thankful Thursday is a day to say thank you to a person who is important in your life. Call him or her on the telephone. Send a note or an E-mail to let him or her know. Don’t let the day slip by without sending a message of appreciation. Develop an attitude of gratitude. None of us made it to where we are without the help of others.