Today on this Thankful Thursday and every day I am thankful for my daughter, Suzanne. She has a birthday on Monday. I can still see us coming back from our walks which started out as tricycle rides on Rittner Drive in Baton Rouge. As we returned home I was carrying both Suzanne and the tricycle. Beelzebub, a ferocious dog, who lived around the corner, had driven us away with his fierce barking. We arrived in Charleston the day before her birthday and on her birthday we followed up an ad to get her a new kitten. Of course, there was the day that she and her mother picked up our brand new car from the dealership and Suzanne came to get me at work. She wrecked the car at Wesley drive. Thankfully she was not hurt. The car was a different story. She discovered her calling at USC in the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Program and is having a wonderful career first with Holiday Inns and now with the Marriott at Vanderbilt in Nashville. We have had wonderful trips to Ireland, the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, the Norman Rockwell Museum, etc. She is also the mother of my first grandson, Christopher. I know that every father is proud of his daughter and I am no exception. I have a daughter who picks out the scrawniest Christmas tree because,”Daddy, no one else will buy it and it will be left here.” She has a heart that reaches out to everyone and I would not have it any other way. Happy birthday, Suzanne. Your Dad.

            Thankful Thursday is a day to celebrate the contributions that someone has made to your life. Let her or him know how thankful you are. Send a card, make a telephone call or send an E-mail. Don’t let the day go by without doing it. You will be glad that you said thank you.