The Real America Is Alive and Well

– Still True Today

Monday, July 09, 2007

If you think that the real America has disappeared from the landscape forever and will never be seen again, come with me to Lincolnton, North Carolina, a small southern town nestled neatly between Gastonia and Charlotte. Here is where my sister and brother-in-law hold a massive family Fourth of July celebration.

My sister has three sons who produced eight grandchildren and two adopted grand children. The only downer is that the oldest son lost his heroic battle with pancreatic cancer two years ago. My two children were there along with my three grandchildren, the oldest of whom brought his girlfriend. Of course, my wife was there. In addition there were other assorted girlfriends, boyfriends, and neighbors.

The Gallup Poll folks should have shown up for a survey. There were rock-ribbed Republicans and Yellow Dog Democrats, Iraq war supporters and Iraq war debunkers, Hillary lovers and Hillary haters, global warming proponents and global warming scoffers. These are descendants of those who worked in the long gone overseas cotton mills. There were brother-in-laws from both sides of the nuclear industry, grade school students and PhDs.

Three things really stood out at this gathering. From the most conservative to the most liberal person present there is only one very tentative maybe vote for the recent immigration bill that failed to make it through congress. No one holds Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith against him and these are deeply religious, church going, very involved folks. There is no missing the love they share for each other that is demonstrated by the respect they have for each other’s point of view. Adult children still kiss their parents goodbye. Brothers and sisters embrace each other. No one eats until God is thanked for the food, the country and our freedom. They save the tabs from soft drink cans for the Ronald McDonald House fund raiser. They revere old glory that flies from a flagpole in the front yard and they still enjoy the fireworks that light up the evening sky. There is one thing that is certain. This same celebration will take place again next year, and the next, and the next. There will be new weddings, new births and perhaps a funeral or two, but the real America is still here. Take the time to look.