Words have power. They rule our lives. Some words fire our imaginations. Some build our spirits and enrich our souls. Some inspire us on to great achievements. Others have the power to cast us down to the deepest hell.

Franklin Roosevelt pulled a nation back from the brink of despair with his words, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Winston Churchill mobilized an entire nation with his,”Never, never, never, never give up.” Martin Luther King changed the nation with, “I have a dream,” and of course Barack Obama won a presidential election with, “Yes we can.”

I was given a list of, “17 Words that Will Never Fail You.” I have searched in vain to discover where the original list was developed. They are marvelous words, but the list is incomplete. There are four  additional words that are essential for good interpersonal relationships and successful workplace relationships. Please, thank, you, and great are the words I would add to the list. These are obvious to most of us, but it is astounding how often they are overlooked.

Please is an absolute entry word. Perhaps some think it is a little old fashioned, but you would be amazed at how many doors it opens when spoken with sincerity. If spoken with a snarl, it can just as quickly slam a door.

Thank is an essential ingredient in the workplace. Associates need to know that they are appreciated. You need to realize that others are a part of your success. None of us got here on our own.

You is a magic word that lets others know that they are a vital part of the organization. It creates community.

Great expresses appreciation for a job well done, a favor or a pleasant turn of events. It is a word of praise.. Great will carry the ball for you in so many situations. You did a great job planning the party. You are a great host. You’re resume looks great. You found my passport. Great! It may seem out of place in a list such as this, but you will find that it pays huge dividends when used appropriately.

Here you have the list, the original seventeen words plus my four additions. You are set for an easier time communicating, motivating yourself and others and networking. Put all twenty-one on a note card and slip it into your pocket or purse. Glance at these words from time to time. Think about each one. Use each of them often. You will be amazed at how much freedom they will give you and how dramatically they will improve your effectiveness.

Twenty-one Words that Will Never Fail You:

Prepare            Choose            Act                  Change            Wait                Great

Listen              Focus              Forgive           Persist             Please

Smile              Believe            Pray                 Accept             Thank

Care                Relax               Trust               Risk                 You